Why Having An Awesome DJ Is Crucial For Your Event

If you have a TERRIBLE DJ at your school dance/event, it will directly impact the next dance or event. This becomes a cycle that continues to loop and in the end can significantly hurt a school in ticket sales which are used to fund the school’s future events, activities and even educational tools.

Having awesome DJs (like us) brings excitement to the students and they look forward to the next dance/event. This increases ticket sales, especially if the same DJ is used for the dances to come in the future(that’s where we come in). This great DJ cycle will allow you to increase ticket prices and increase overall funding that comes back to the school.

Why We Are Awesome DJs

Well, lets look at the elephant in the room. DJ Nikita Hutten is 16. Why is that good? Well, he can relate better with the students due to his young age and knows what the kids are listening to these days and he is well known for being among the best young DJs around. Unlike most DJ companies out there which do strictly weddings, our market ISL does a broad variety of events so we have been around the block a few times. Our absolute favorite events to do however, are school dances. We are always staying up to date on all the latest and greatest music and use the mic to our advantage to energize the students at the dance or event while not overusing it as well. We are also licensed and have liability insurance.

Things that Set Us Apart from Other DJs

  • Affordable (We don’t tend to charge a mortgage payment but we still provide top notch service)


  • Professional DJs with experience in mixing songs together club style

  • Professional sound and lighting rigs

  • Custom event Snapchat filter (More people will go to the dance because they will see what a blast it is)

  • Social media based promoting on Instagram

  • Custom website page for students to submit song requests

  • LED Foam Sticks

  • Custom designed setup that fits your school’s theme