The Mobile DJ Article

My name is DJ Nikita Hutten and I have been DJ’ing otherwise known as being a disc jockey for 2 years now in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. I have met so many amazing people along the way and I am currently teamed up with DJ Stephen Craig, one of the south east’s best DJ. The mobile DJ industry has evolved so much in the past 80 years and has become a worldwide industry. People may see me as inexperienced or too young but I feel that my age has nothing to do with my skill set or experience. I am 15 years old but I like to think that I am good DJ who is professional just like the other DJs like Chris James and Scott Shaw in my area. My mission is to inspire young people my age that they can do anything as long as they put the effort in to do it. I put many hours into building this business and it is finally coming along. The hardest thing I have found about building a business is getting my name out there and getting more gigs and events. My big weakness is my age because people tend to not take me seriously. I am not just a mobile DJ that does DJ services. I provide lighting and equipment rentals now as well. I charge from $100-up on any of my services. My minimum time is 1 hour with the exception of school pep rallies. I can without hesitation say that you will not regret hiring me for your event. Also, I have something that your regular mobile DJ will not have. I am younger and closer with young kids which means I can relate better to what they like and know exactly how to get a prom, school event or sweet 16 party going while also being able to know oldies because after living with my parents for the 15 years that I have known them, well it just kind of gets burned into your brain. My most important things for an event is quality to make sure everything goes absolutely smoothly and perfectly while also keeping everyone safe by keeping cables organised and not out and about hanging. It does not matter what age your DJ is, it matters that he knows what he is doing.

DJ Nikita Huttenlocher

I am a 16 year old entrepreneur and am the current owner and operator of Inferno Sound and Lighting LLC.